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Aluminium Alloy features

The outstanding features of aluminium alloys makes them the most used materials in the world.

By bonding with copper, zinc, or manganese they are located in the light alloys' category.

The widespread use of aluminium alloys has determined a substantial enhancing on all related production line, which is now capable of manufacturing high-quality finite products according to each and every application: from
aviation to building, from automotive to furnishings.

Takler is currently specialised in producing profiles in aluminium alloy through
extrusion for road haulage to building industry, offering a large variety of standard products applicable in whichever sector. For further details see our >>>catalogue<<<.

Takler mostly produces EN AW-6060 and EN AW-6005A aluminium profiles. Upon request it is nonetheless possible to ask for products with different types of alloys.

EN AW-6060

Extrusion aluminium alloy
The alloy type EN AW - 6060 ist the most popular alloy on the European maarket, thanks to its high deformation speed under heat. It is used to produce sections, even with complex cross sections, that include many hollows and groves, so that the desing of the extruded piece is an near as possible to the finished article and to reduce intermediary process.

EN AW-6065 A

Extrusion aluminium alloy
Extruded products in aluminium alloy type EN AW-6005 A are used in the industrial, building and general  engineering sectos, which require medium mechanical resistance, even on welded parts, associated with good resistance to corrosion. The chemical composition and the production processes adopted make this alloy easy to harden and temper. The mechanical properties are consequently reached even in parts of the profile that are not full exposed to the thermal exchange.

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