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Events 07 Dic 2020

Aluminium locks for sideboards


When using a light commercial vehicle or a cargo trailer, opening and closing the sideboards becomes a very recurrent action for loading and unloading reasons.

To make such activity easier, locking systems must guarantee the following requirements:

  • Safety and accuracy of the blocking system permitting the sideboards to
    be perfectly closed thus avoiding the same to open accidentally and at the same
    time reducing vibrations
  • Locking system must let the user have total access to the loading area, complying with EN12642 regulations.

In order for these goals to be achieved, it is crucial that engineering phase is carefully led by a team of specialised professionals.

TAKLER has designed a new range of locks for sideboards of light commercial vehicles. i.e. KLEVER. 

KLEVER locks are characterized by a "clever" inside-scrolling mechanism:

 black-nylon sliding insert designed to guarantee a smooth and frictionless opening and closing of the handle.

KLEVER range is available in 3 different heights: 300 mm, 350 mm and 400 mm, they come in more than 70 types to match all possible assembly needs:

  • With or without RABBET
  • With or withour CHAMBER
  • Horizontal or Vertical locking
  • Handle in black plastic, carbon-fiber photo etched or steel handle, cathaphoresis Treatment, black painted. Both handles are anti-finger trap. 

The wide range of aluminium locks KLEVER is the ideal solution both for manufacturers and final users of light commercial vehicles and cargo trailers.

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