Trucks and Trailers
ALUMINIUM EXTRUSION TAKLER DIVISION Evolving has always been our way of being. It is the only way to fulfil our commitment: creating innovative solutions to be a step further for efficiency, quality and safety.
In line with such cause, we have widened our production with a new line dedicated to the extrusion of aluminium profiles, all customizable upon request.
The plant can count on an automatic and interconnected extrusion press of 2800 tons and able to extrude profiles up to 415 mm (width) and up to 14 m (lenght).
Why aluminium?Aluminium is a light, robust, long-lasting, eco-friendly and versatile alloy, showing far better performances than many other metals.
This extraordinary combination of properties makes it sustainable and 100% recyclable.
  • 415mm Max width
  • 14m Max length
  • EN AW SERIES 5000
    EN AW SERIES 6000
    EN AW SERIES 8000
    Aluminium extrusion alloys